Etherbase cryptocurrency exchange has recently been subjected to a hack on the hot wallets. According to a statement from a Slovak stock exchange on August 8, hackers took around $ 5.4 million from the exchange’s accounts.

The company also said it has contacted all major exchanges that may receive these coins at some point, most likely in hopes of recovering some of the lost money. Oslo Børs did not specifically disclose which companies it had contacted or how the attack was carried out due to an “ongoing investigation” into the breach.

In an update posted via his Twitter account, Eterbase stated that they have “sufficient capital” to fulfill all their obligations to users, and continues:

“We want to assure our customers that we take all necessary steps to ensure that their deposit amount is not damaged as a result of a hacker attack.”

At the time of this posting, the exchange is still performing internal maintenance, even though the site is online and all services are running.

On August 9, Jean-Philippe Omason, co-founder of Taurus Group cryptocurrency exchange technology, and Omar Shlomovitz, co-founder of ZenGo Mobile Wallet, divided cryptocurrency exchanges into three categories: insider attacks, attacks that exploit the relationship between Exchange. And as a client, extract the parts of the secret keys.

Source: CoinTelegraph