Metapurse, a cryptocurrency and NFT fund funded by the famous NFT collector Metakovan and managed by Twobadour, recently announced that it has acquired all 20 1/1 NFT artworks offered at the Beeple Everyday auction in December: The 2020 Collection.

It was a mega event in itself, using multiple accounts to confuse other bidders, valued at roughly $ 2.2 million, and without “Plan B” in case someone else wins any artwork.

As Cointelegraph reported, the drop brought in a total of $ 3.5 million, including open releases.

Of course, you can’t spend $ 2.2 million on NFT art without a game plan, and Metapurse spoke exclusively to Cointelegraph to explain what’s coming next.

B.20 package will be launched on January 23. It consists of all 20 unique works of art from NFT, as well as first-class virtual properties in the Cryptovoxels, Decentraland and Somnium Space metaunivers, as well as dedicated virtual reality exhibits in each metaverse of host art.

To celebrate the launch, Metapurse is hosting a near-free cultural festival called Metapalooza, which will feature a virtual live show by DJ, Producer and Crypto 3LAU.

The B.20 is a token package and sells it, which means festival-goers will be able to enjoy the art not only as spectators, but also to know that they can own a portion of it. The troubadour gave an idea of ​​what lay behind this:

“Art has historically been an open collective experience. Over the years, the rules of scarcity and profit have led to it being locked up in warehouses and storage facilities. For the artistic experience to evolve, for it to open up again, economics must have meaning as well. B.20 is that experience. It gives a sense.” Are you aware of the feeling of kinship, the ownership that arises when you encounter the art that moves you? We just coded it and brought it to life. ”
Metakovan explained that the project was more than just art and included $ 500,000 in post-production from writers, voxel engineers, strategists, and others who aren’t traditional artists, but add energy and creativity.

He indicated that the project will benefit all these participants, noting: “We are starting with a new economy, a wider circle around the traditional area of ​​collectors.”

The gallery space for each metaverse is unique and contains elements inherent in their virtual world. During the Metapalooza Festival, a hunting expedition will be organized through the three great universes.

After the festival, the galleries will be open and freely accessible for all.

Metakovan and Tuubadur created an enviable group of popular NFTs through Metapurse, including a 1-1-1 F1 Delta Time and an NFT that account for 5% of the Monaco Grand Prix circuit in the same game.

Source: CoinTelegraph