1 Inch Network, a leader in decentralized exchange aggregates, has officially expanded to Polygon, a move that opens up more sources of liquidity for Curve, SushiSwap, QuickSwap, Aave V2 and Cometh.

1 inch announced on Thursday that the stock exchange’s liquidity basins will be added immediately, and new protocols will be rolled out gradually. Polygon has been described by 1inch as a “dynamic” infrastructure protocol that allows Ethereum to scale efficiently as the developer network moves to prove its worth.

Serge Koons, co-founder of the 1-inch network, said that user requests to replace the Polygon were “huge” after Binance’s 1-inch integrated smart network:

“After Network 1 expanded into Binance Smart Chain, there was a great need on the part of society to make Polygon available to switch to 1.” Currently, the 1-inch cluster protocol is already rolling out to Polygon, while the 1-inch liquidity protocol and control protocol 1 are expected to expand Inches to include Polygon in the coming weeks. ”
According to CoinGecko, in terms of market value, Polygon is ranked number 28 among the largest cryptocurrency protocols with a total network value of $ 6.9 billion.

Koons attributed the Binance Smart Chain integration to a successful protocol extension. 1-inch users can now easily switch between Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum in search of faster speeds and lower transaction fees.

1inch has quickly grown to become a leading decentralized exchange aggregator, recently merged with Mdex. The launch of the 1-inch wallet earlier this month strengthened its position as the leading entry point for decentralized financing.

Source: CoinTelegraph