The decentralized 1-inch Sharing Unit launched a wallet on Apple iOS on Tuesday to allow users to exchange codes on their mobile devices.

The new wallet brings all the benefits of a 1-inch network to mobile users, so traders can instantly redeem tokens at lower rates. The iOS wallet also supports so-called “hidden transactions” on the Ethereum network. Hidden transactions ensure that trades are hidden from third parties, and 1-inch claims can reduce risk going forward.

Thanks to Binance Smart Chain to expand the network by 1 “, according to protocol founder, Sergey Kunz,” 1 “users can now easily switch between BSC and Ethereum, looking for higher speeds and lower fees.” He continued:

“We are closely following the latest developments in DeFi and will add support for other promising blocs.”
The first portfolio deployment focuses on highly secure implementation with keys. Real-time pricing, fast transaction signature, and Apple Watch and Apple iCloud integration are part of the first release. The effort, management, and liquidity groups will be presented later. 1 inch explained:

“One of the most important benefits of the wallet is the highest level of security. The wallet analyzes the data that shows what is going on in an easy-to-use manner. It is also important to receive real-time rates and sign transactions quickly. With a 1” wallet, transactions can be approved and confirmed even on Apple Watch. ”
The 1-inch explosion at the DeFi stage in the second half of 2020 quickly gained prominence among traders for its ability to find the cheapest exchange rates among the DEXs integrated into the ecosystem. In terms of the number of users, 1inch ranks fourth among the decentralized exchanges in the past seven days after Uniswap, 0x, and SushiSwap. In January, it was as high as others in terms of the number of users.

DEX complex was launched in August 2020 after Binance Labs, Galaxy Digital and other investors launched with $ 2.8 million. In December 202, he completed a 1-inch round of $ 12 million of financing led by Pantera Capital, with major contributions from ParaFi Capital, Nima Capital, and many more.

Source: CoinTelegraph