An anonymous cryptocurrency user transferred 69,370 Bitcoins from an address associated with the Silk Road darknet market, which has recently become a popular target for piracy.

According to a November 3 report by intelligence firm CipherTrace, the latest move involving two transactions worth up to 69,370 Bitcoins (BTC) – or more than $ 960 million at the time of publication – arose in a headline linked to the shutdown of Silk Road. Commercial floor. In 2013. A cryptocurrency user first sent 1 BTC – possibly as a test process – before most coins were transferred.

CipherTrace suggested that the anonymous user perform transactions “to stay up-to-date with the latest developments on the Bitcoin network” by switching between address formats. Since the last time any transferred funds were related to the online dark market in April 2015, it has been reported that the BTC wallet will also have access to all Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV) related to hard forks.

But the company has not ruled out the possibility of a hack:

“These measures could mean that the owner of the wallet is moving funds to new addresses to prevent hackers from accessing the wallet.dat file, or if hackers have already breached the file.”
Silk Road money has been kept in a wallet used by hackers for more than two years. In September, a Twitter user who claimed to have a wallet.dat file for the wallet accessed the crypto community to find solutions on how to access 69,370 coins, even suggesting a quantum computer as a possible privacy measure. Keys.

The Silk Road was a dark market that allowed users to buy and sell illegal goods like weapons and steal credit card information, but most of the entries were for illegal drugs. Ross Albrecht, the site’s founder, is currently serving two life sentences without parole after being found guilty of money laundering, data breach and conspiracy to commit drug trafficking. He continues to conduct periodic analyzes of the Bitcoin market from prison.

Source: CoinTelegraph