Researchers at the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance recently discovered that 100 million people around the world currently own Bitcoin (BTC) and other blockchain-based assets.

In 2018, the Second Global Cryptoasset Standards Reference Study estimated the number of verified crypto users at approximately 35 million worldwide. As of the third quarter of 2020, 191 million accounts were opened on cryptocurrency exchanges – this number does not include the wallets that they themselves are hosted on.

The researchers explained the significant increase:

This 189% increase in the number of users can be attributed to an increase in the number of accounts (which increased by 37%), as well as an increase in the percentage of accounts that are systematically linked to a person’s personality, allowing us to increase our appreciation for the smallest number of users. linked to accounts. All service providers. ”

The study also highlights consumer geolocation, as crypto companies operating in North America and Europe “report higher user activity, with the average company indicating that 40% of all users are considered active.” This figure was significantly lower for companies in the Asia-Pacific and Latin America regions, which reported prices by 16% and 10%, respectively, the researchers said.

The Center’s methodology integrates data and public surveys using a combination of user verified data and the average proportion of verified accounts interviewed for research.

While the researchers argue that there are limitations in the methodology used in the study, they believe the published numbers provide a “reliable approximation to the total number of cryptocurrency holders worldwide.”

Source: CoinTelegraph