Crypto data aggregator CoinMetrics has compiled a list of 100 analyzes of the latest performance in the digital asset market, and these numbers paint a very optimistic picture of the ecosystem.

The list, released to celebrate the 100th edition of Network Status, indicates that a $ 100 investment in Dogecoin 100 days ago would be worth $ 2,742 today – better than the same $ 100 investment in Bitcoin (which will be valued in USD 135 today). Ethereum ($ 186) and Uniswap ($ 401).

Price trends for BTC, ETH, UNI and DOGE in the last 100 days: CoinMetrics
The report notes that Bitcoin showed a “trusted turnover” of $ 14.5 billion in 100 days, along with $ 6.1 billion in Ether, $ 2.4 billion in XRP, $ 2.3 billion in DOGE and $ 1,3 billion in Cardano (ADA). ) During the same period. interval.

When we look at recently active addresses, legacy networks appear to be still the most popular – with nearly 611,000 active Ethereum addresses daily in the last 100 days and 1.12 million active Bitcoin wallets. On April 14th, Bitcoin set a new record for daily activity with 1.36 million wallets used on the network.

Over the past 100 days, 1.4 million top DeFi protocol addresses have been published – Uniswap, Aave, Compound, MakerDAO and Synthetix – while 24.4 million active wallets have been hosted on the Litecoin network.

Users are paying to access the Ethereum network at an accelerated rate, with $ 2.3 billion of the total $ 3.17 billion in fees Ethereum has generated and recorded since early 2021. However, Bitcoin has generated nearly $ 2 billion in commissions over its lifetime. Networks.

Bitcoin transaction fees averaged $ 20.68 over the past 100 days, while Ethereum transactions averaged $ 16.68 over the same period. Bitcoin’s average transaction volume of $ 30,000 since early 2021 is twice the average Ethereum transaction volume.

Despite the inevitable shift from Ethereum to Proof of Stake, Ethereum’s hash rate has grown 4.5 times since the start of the year compared to Bitcoin, while Ethereum has grown 89% and Bitcoin’s hash power increased by 20%.

The report also points to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies: Tether’s offer on Ethereum increased this year from 13.5 billion to 24.4 billion, but was overtaken by USDT on TRON, which grew from 6.8 billion to US $ 26 billion increased 234%, from 4.1 billion to 13.7 Billion, and the DAI in circulation has increased by 192%, from 1.2 billion to 3.5 billion since the start of the year.

“It took about 2.5 years for the supply of stablecoins to grow from 1 billion to 10 billion. It took less than a year to grow from 10 billion to over 75 billion,” writes CoinMetrics, adding:

The total supply of stablecoins by the end of 2021 will exceed $ 100 billion. “

Source: CoinTelegraph