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Following Binance Uganda closure, Binance P2P makes strong inroads in Africa

Following the announcement of the disappointing closure of the Ugandan subsidiary in October, Binance's largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance published a blog post yesterday stating...
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Four cryptocurrency block reward halvings to look out for in 2021

Halving the bonus reduces the speed at which new coins are created in a given blockchain by 50%. Cryptocurrency traders have long anticipated such...

SEC votes to simplify exempt offering rules for securities

The US Securities and Exchange Commission voted to change the set of rules to simplify and improve "extremely complex" non-securities trading procedures. According to an...

Fuel for a broader Bitcoin rally? BTC dip fills futures gap, liquidating $1 billion

A significant future gap on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) closed Bitcoin (BTC) as the BTC / USD exchange rate suddenly fell below $...

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Bored with Bitcoin price, traders chase gains in altcoins and DeFi tokens

Bitcoin (BTC) has moved into the $ 850 streak in recent weeks and the price has recently resumed its trend towards higher daily lows. Regardless,...

Time for a crypto GPU? Gamers and miners spar over scarce top hardware

Certainly, the growth of cryptocurrencies in recent months, especially with the beginning of 2021, has pushed the size of cryptocurrencies to normal. When traders...

What Ethereum killer? On-chain data shows competitor networks are still behind

Ether (ETH) is still the second largest cryptocurrency and completely dominates the smart contract industry in terms of multiple network uses. Although the network...

Bitcoin price hits $23K as on-chain analyst says $55K is the ‘next landmark’

The Bitcoin (BTC) price crossed the resistance range between $ 21,000 and $ 22,000 and on December 17 rallied above a new high of...

Can Bitcoin price conquer $16,000 as ‘extreme greed’ grips market?

Bitcoin (BTC) continues to show its strength with multiple attempts to breach $ 16,000 on November 12th. The annual high is more than 300% higher...


Ethereum enterprise adoption wins Accenture’s support with Baseline Protocol

The first phase of the much-anticipated Ethereum blockchain update, Ethereum 2.0, is expected to launch by the end of this year. These moves promise...

Source: CoinTelegraph